12.29.22 – Strength Tarot Card

Hello, Darlings! It’s been a minute since I posted anything. Mercury Retrograde started yesterday. As I’ve said in the past, retrogrades are overdramatized. Under a retrograde period, it appears as if Mercury is moving in reverse. This causes energy associated with Mercury to also move differently. You may experience technology lag or disruptions. You may speak to people from your past checking up on you. You may be thinking about things you’ve already been through. Even if you feel that you have moved past something, use this as a time to rest or reset your energy. Try not to be too hard on yourself for whatever you’re facing. You have the determination to power through.

VIII – Strength

The Strength card is the eighth card in the major arcana. In some decks, this card might be eleventh. This card follows The Chariot, the power and drive to overcome your obstacles. The artwork for Strength might depict someone taming or holding a lion. Lions represent bravery, protection, and leadership. These qualities come naturally to some, while others may need a push to show their inner lion. The figure holding the lion is doing so gracefully. They are showing compassion to the animal by being gentle, reigning in the wilder aspects of the beast. Control of yourself and your actions is a mastery to be proud of.

When you pull this card upright, you have unlimited potential and the fortitude to see yourself through. Courage may be something that comes naturally. You may be placed in situations where bravery is needed. Compassion for yourself can go a long way. You should know that you are in control of your own situation. This card is also associated with Leo. You may want to see where that sign falls in your chart. There may also be another person in your situation that has that sign. Leo’s energy is bold and fiery. They can be very confident and headstrong. Even if you are more reserved, confidence can be developed over time.

When you pull this card reversed, it may be time to see where self-control is needed. Are you acting on impulse or recklessly? Are you giving in to others before you consider yourself? Remember that you are in control, and your confidence is determined by you. Self-sabotage can stem from doubting yourself and your position. If you feel yourself wanting to quit the thing you want most, you likely feel you aren’t worthy in some way. Addressing these issues by working on your self-concept can help. You are not weak, no matter what you’re telling yourself.

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