8.4.22 – Jupiter Retrograde

Darlings! It’s August! Within my own journey, I started feeling an energy shift after the Leo New Moon. There seems to be a lighter feeling surrounding change. Instead of fear or anxiety, it’s been openness and bravery. Since the New Moon, I’ve been noticing that I’m focused. I’m doubting myself less and adapting to changes occurring in my life. I always set new intentions under the new moon, but I’m seeing where some of my self-concept and shadow work is helping me actually take inspired action.

Current Retrogrades

We have a few planets in retrograde at the moment. Neptune went into retrograde in June. Neptune retrograde pushes you to see areas of your life clouded by romanticism or illusion. When you’re clouded, it’s harder to align to your truth. This will last until December 3rd. Saturn is in retrograde until October 23rd. Good or bad, our choices have consequences. We have the opportunity to learn from those consequences if we remain open. You may be looking back at past actions or thinking before you act on something new. Intuition should guide you through this process of living authentically. Pluto is in retrograde until October 28th. Pluto’s energy rules over transformation and change. Even when things end in our life, it makes way for something new. This can help you evolve into your next phase of growth. Keep in mind that this energy can submerge you into your shadow. Your shadow is meant to be integrated, not pushed down.

Jupiter is in retrograde until November 23rd. It happens in the sign of Aries and then moves back into Pisces. It lasts roughly four months and happens every thirteen. Under Jupiter’s energy, material and spiritual growth are brought to the forefront. Since this retrograde coincided with the New Moon, new projects and focus are growing. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Intentional self-development surrounding your happiness and values will ultimately result in growth. You may be attending to any issues of this energy’s shadow. You may begin to see where you struggle with materialism, addiction, or self-sabotage. Try not to beat yourself up over any issues that arise. This time aligns you with your most authentic happiness and creativity.

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