6.29.22 – Neptune Retrograde

Hello, darlings! I had every intention of writing this yesterday. The Cancer new moon had other plans for me. I was emotional during the day and had trouble getting motivated to write. I decided that I should rest and recenter my energy. Today feels like a 180 change, so onward we go.

Neptune Retrograde

Retrogrades have been overdramatized into scary events when they just aren’t. Sure, it’s not pleasant when Mercury is retrograde; you experience communication issues. When Saturn retrograde comes around, you experience the consequences of your actions, good or bad. As this retrograde is currently happening, you may also notice that you’re thinking about where you’re going in life. Those decisions have karmic outcomes, so go with what aligns with you the most.

As of Tuesday, June 29th, Neptune is in retrograde. With Neptune, you may start to see where you’ve been unnecessarily romanticizing certain areas of your life. Neptune will take off the rose-colored glasses, so to speak. You’re forced to see the reality of situations. This can be a positive experience, so don’t judge yourself harshly for what may come to light. It’s all about seeing the truth behind things that may have been cloudy before. You’ll have a clearer picture of what you’re doing.

This retrograde will last until December 3rd. Since that’s roughly five months of the year, this energy is not something that will overwhelm you. Neptune is currently in the sign of Pisces. Pisces has a dream-like quality. When that energy retrogrades, see where you may be putting too much emotional energy. You may be overthinking situations. You may not see them clearly through the emotions you feel. At this time, look to where Pisces rules in your chart. For example, my north node is in Pisces, in the 9th house. The 9th house deals with spirituality. During this time, I’m leaning into expansion. I’d like to see where some of my practices have been short-sighted. How can I trigger more growth past my blocks? How can I connect with others’ ideas during this time? I’m also looking at non-attachment to things, people, and places. Where is my intuition leading me, and how can I stop resisting? Self-care, rest, and self-love are also near the top of my list.

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