6.21.22 – Cancer Season

Happy first day of Summer, darlings! Today marks the Summer Solstice, where we experience the day with the most sunlight. Many people celebrate the Summer Solstice with traditions unique to their own cultures. If you’re on your own, build a bonfire, do a nature meditation, do self-care, or do something that brings you joy. Emotional and physical balance is a great way to start any new season.

Cancer Sun

From now until July 22nd, the sun is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal water sign; represented by the crab. Ruled by the Moon, Cancers can identify and flow with their emotions. Their feelings fluctuate, but they can be highly loyal and nurturing to those they love. They value a secure home life and can be very protective. They love to be reassured of the way other people feel about them. Creative in nature, they may also give intuitive advice. They can empathize with other people, extending a compassionate hand. People born under the sign of Cancer are no pushovers. While they are sensitive, they may guard those emotions trying to avoid conflict. If you anger a Cancer, passive-aggressive behavior and sulkiness may be the course of action. They may be secretive, as well as self-absorbed in some situations.

Notable Cancer people: Sandra Oh, Harrison Ford, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Ringo Starr, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep

Other Cancer Placements

Do you have any Cancer placements in your birth chart? Your emotions may play a significant role in how you operate. If you’re uncomfortable with the depth of these emotions, you may try to hide them away. Exploring these feelings and intuitive nudges you get from yourself can be helpful tools.

A Cancer Moon is right at home in their emotions. They have natural intuition and guidance from their inner world. These moon signs may also be forced to navigate emotional shifts when the moon is under challenging transits. You may want to take time for yourself on days when you are struggling. Having someone supportive and grounded to talk to can also be helpful. When you’re able, you may be able to channel those emotions into creative work such as songwriting, poetry, and blogging.

A Cancer Rising will lead with their kindest foot forward. When meeting someone new, they like to listen more than speak. They will let their intuition guide them in how to move forward in relationships. They may have a guard up with you for a while. I have Cancer rising in my own chart. My experience with this is spot on. I usually let others take the lead. When I see that it’s safe for me to come out of my shell, then I’m outgoing.

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