6.7.22 – The Hierophant Tarot Card

Darlings! We are under Saturn Retrograde. I haven’t noticed much difference, but I may not. I believe that the energy I’m feeling is left over from Mercury Retrograde. We still have roughly two weeks of that shadow period left. From my experience, I never feel the effects until the very end. You can’t see me, but I’m rolling my eyes. We have a full moon coming up in about a week as well. It’s time to start considering what you want to release. What is standing in the way of your goal?

V – The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the fifth card in the major arcana. This card follows The Emperor, a strong masculine leader. The artwork for The Hierophant often depicts what is known to be a traditional religious or spiritual leader. You could compare this leader to the Pope or a High Priest. This figure is sitting on a throne between two large pillars. The attire of this individual is regal in nature but reflects their position. You’re meant to recognize this person as an authority in their field. You will sometimes see other people in the foreground. They would be the ones seeking advice from this leader. Often, you’ll see two keys crossed at their feet. This represents the traditional religious concept of “the keys to the kingdom of heaven.”

When you pull this card upright, it may be time to look at existing knowledge. What rules or facts do you know about your situation or question? Are there any spiritual factors involved? Was religion part of your upbringing? You may want to seek out the advice of a trusted spiritual mentor or leader. If not, consider your own moral compass. Do you hold traditional views? Could they help you make your decision? You may also be contemplating things like commitment and forgiveness. It may be in your best interest to stick to your path after some time to think.

When you pull this card in reverse, you may be considering a path that requires non-conformity. You aren’t interested in committing to the status quo. You may have your own ideas of how to make decisions. You aren’t interested in what others say about your situation or life. You prefer to be your own authority. You may want to think outside the box for your solution.

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