6.1.22 – Saturn Retrograde

Happy June, darlings! Mercury retrograde ends Friday! I hope things haven’t been too bad for you. I noticed that this retrograde was more prominent in my life than others have been. I’ve had some connections returning from the past. While you don’t have to let anyone back into your life, it can be an opportunity to see past issues in a new light. In my case, I got to see how much I’ve matured. The shadow period of this retrograde will be over in another three weeks. The energy surrounding this should start to ease. We have a new retrograde happening, but with a different planet.

Saturn Retrograde

From June 4th until October 23rd, Saturn will go retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Before any of you start groaning, Saturn retrograde can be a good thing! Saturn rules the signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn gets a reputation for teaching us lessons and not being the kindest depending on its placement in your chart. Personally, my Saturn is in Capricorn. I tend to take the long way around learning a lesson, but you can’t bet that I won’t repeat it. This placement lies in my seventh house of committed relationships, partnerships, and marriage. I tend to attract a lot of Capricorn/earth signs into my life. I appreciate their maturity, ambition, and loyalty.

Saturn has been in Aquarius since 2020. Aquarius is an air placement; focused on intellectual and creative pursuits and community-driven consciousness. We think outside the box to better the systems put in place. We’ve been in the shadow period of this retrograde since February. You shouldn’t experience any delays or things returning from the past. You may start to consider which direction you want your life to go. Where do you want to invest your time? Who do you want in your life? These are significant karmic decisions you’re considering. Keep in mind that karmic doesn’t automatically mean good or bad. For example, you may consider leaving your job necessary, while others would stay. You may have to look for another job, but you have the opportunity to find something more aligned. It’s all about perspective. Make the change, don’t look back! If you’re willing to put in the energy, you’ll get that same energy reflected back.

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