5.18.22 – Self-Concept

Darlings! Did everyone survive the Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse over the weekend? From what I’ve heard, it was particularly emotional for fixed placements (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius.) As I’ve explained, I have two Scorpio placements and one Taurus. I noticed situations arising about issues I thought I’d already addressed. It was much easier to deal with them because I’d done that work. I didn’t spend time dwelling. I let myself feel it and then let it go.


The main form of shadow work that I did for the longest time was journaling. It allows me to get my thoughts out on paper about whatever I’m going through. If I need to cry, I cry. If I need to feel angry, I let it happen. Getting those emotions out instead of burying them makes me feel infinitely better. Once I noticed I was improving emotionally, I moved on to self-concept. Self-concept work helps you see your exceptional qualities. It can help you feel confident about the things you love. It can help you come to terms with your insecurities. You can also embody the qualities you wish to see. You look at yourself and accept it all. Your self-esteem will improve. You’ll start to question other people less when they point out your attractive qualities. I work on self-concept through journaling, but mainly through affirmations.


On my Instagram, I post affirmations regularly. It can help to write these out in a journal or say them aloud. I have cultivated a list that helps with manifestation, self-concept, and confidence. You can use any of these or even write your own. It may even help to say these in front of a mirror.

  • I know that I am the co-creator of my reality. I have the power to shape the reality that I experience. I am the main character.
  • My energy is magnetic. Nothing compares to my energy.
  • I decide who has access to my energy.
  • I am worthy of every opportunity offered to me, even if I say no. Nothing is too good for me.
  • I am absolutely limitless. I always get what I want. Everything always works out in my favor.
  • Please show me how good it can get. Please surprise and delight me. I am spoiled by the abundance I receive and I love it. Whatever I need comes to me.
  • My dreams and desires easily transition into physical reality. It is so easy to manifest any of my desires.
  • The circumstances surrounding my desire do not matter. It is already mine.
  • I allow love into my life. I allow those who love and support me to do so without questioning my own worth.
  • I give myself unconditional love. I speak to myself in a kind voice.
  • I release all beliefs, relationships, and people that no longer serve my highest good.
  • I release lack mentality and worry about things I cannot control.
  • I release co-dependency with things I don’t need.
  • I release blockages to my intuition, creativity, etc.

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