5.13.22 – Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Hello, darlings! How has the month of May been treating you so far? Pluto and Mercury are both in retrograde. While this energy is nothing to fear, you may notice delays or confusion. Use this time to slow down. Take your time with the emotions you’re experiencing. As difficult as it might be, feel them and release them. Don’t judge yourself for feeling something you thought you already healed. You may also be experiencing energy shifts because of the full moon.

Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon

On Sunday, May 15th (or Saturday, May 14th for most of the US), the moon will be in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, unafraid of the intensity of their emotions. The full moon will reach its peak around 11 PM CST. With any full moon, you may notice yourself releasing or purging. You may be energetically making room for the intentions you set during the new moon. To take advantage of the Scorpio energy, you need not look any further than the traits that make up this sign. Keep a dream journal or do a tarot reading to tap into your mystical/intuitive side. Confide in a close friend one of your deepest secrets. Splurge on yourself. Spend some romantic time with a significant other or yourself.

During the full moon, I like to perform a ritual. This ritual consists of acts that help me recenter and align. I start out by cleaning my space. I donate any items that I no longer use. I cleanse the room by lighting a candle or opening a window. Once this is complete, I will sit down to ground my energy. This can be done inside or out. If you’re outside, find a quiet spot on the grass. Spend time connecting with nature. Take notice of the things your senses detect. What do you see? What do you hear? Once I have grounded, I like to journal about my current state. I enjoy referring to the month before to see where I was during the previous month. The next step is to energetically let go of things that no longer serve. I pull out a sheet of paper and start writing. It’s always “I release…” or “I let go of…”. This keeps your energy in the present and assumes you’ve already done it. Once I have finished the list, I read it aloud. I take the list and destroy it. Once this is finished, I like to spend a little time doing something I enjoy. Moon cycles can take a toll on your energy, and it varies from person to person. You may simply want to rest.

On Sunday night, you will experience a total lunar eclipse, peaking around 11:11 CST. The lunar eclipse is similar to the one we had back in November. The moon will appear larger and brighter than usual. It may also have a halo around the edges. Once the eclipse begins, you will notice that it will turn red as it darkens. This is nothing to fear. This happens roughly twice a year. I am giving you the same disclaimer I gave in the last eclipse post. Most astrologers warn against manifestation during eclipses. I’ve done it, but it was not a brand new manifestation. It was a small step in the plan I had already set. You’re free to do what you wish. Eclipses do come with potent energy, after all.

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