4.22.22 – The Chariot Tarot Card

Happy Friday, darlings! I hope your week has been great! I’ve spent some time resting this week. With the transition between Aries and Taurus season, you may need some time to adjust. Aries is bold and fiery, while Taurus is earthy and grounded. Get outside, enjoy the warm weather, and do something fun. While it’s a good idea to keep your goals and manifestations in the back of your mind, the best thing to do is let go and enjoy yourself sometimes. Your intuition will perk up when you see a sign or receive guidance.

VII – The Chariot

The seventh card in the major arcana is The Chariot. This card comes after The Lovers, a card representing a choice made from your heart space. The artwork for the Chariot will most often depict a strong leader in a horse-drawn carriage. This individual is decorated with armor and spiritual symbols. These represent victory, success, and connection to the divine. Pulling the chariot is two different colored sphinxes. The sphinx on the left is black, standing for feminine energy. The opposite sphinx is white; the masculine. This is similar to the dual pillars depicted in The High Priestess card. These two sphinxes are directed by the individual in the carriage. To push ahead, the two energies must go in the same direction. The leader in the chariot must have the strength and willpower to steer in the right direction.

When you pull this card in the upright, it’s time to pull together your resources. You may have just overcome a serious obstacle on your path. You may encounter something that will require you to focus your energy on a goal. Go within to find your determination, willpower, and ambition. You may need to maintain a certain level of balance to get where you’re going. Giving and receiving. Knowing when to push forward and stand back. Sometimes self-control, when you’re faced with opposition, is the key. You can’t give up when things get rough. You’re in charge of your direction! This card comes out a lot for me when it’s time to take inspired action toward my manifestations.

When this card appears reversed, a pause may be in order. Stop to think about what direction you want to go. You may need to retrace your steps to see where you’ve lost the way. You could be moving too quickly without steering yourself on course. When pushing forward on a goal, passivity isn’t always the answer. You can control your own response to opposition and challenges. Try not to become too focused on the control that you’re acting out of aggression toward others. Once your energies are balanced again, pick up the reigns and get going!

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