3.31.22 – Aries New Moon

Darlings! We start a brand new month tomorrow. A new month ushers in new opportunities for growth and expansion. We are right in the middle of Aries Season, an energy that will keep you on your toes. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that’s ruled by Mars. There’s boldness and determination in the air. You may have already noticed that you’re taking action more often. Aries placements have the potential to thrive in creative and authoritative positions. This new moon is the perfect opportunity to write down a few goals.

New Moon

Think big! Aries placements aren’t known to hold back; neither should you. Take a risk on something you would turn down. Sign up for something new you’ve never done before. Go on an adventure. If you’re manifesting, assume that’s done and go about your business. You’ll be surprised what might appear on your path.

My Aries placements include my chart ruler, so I will be taking advantage of this energy. I usually do a new moon ritual each month. I use the new moon to determine what I want for the next thirty days. The full moon is a time to release. You may have to energetically or physically make room for what you want. My ritual usually consists of the following tasks.

  • Clean your space. Donate items that can still be used.
  • If able, smoke cleanse your house. Open a few windows and turn on fans to circulate the air.
  • Take a bath or a shower. Salt baths and scrubs are a great way to reset. Take time to pamper yourself. Do things that make you feel comfortable.
  • Ground yourself. Spend some time meditating outside or in a separate room. Try to make it quiet. If silent meditations aren’t for you, research guided meditations or frequencies. Practice breathing exercises. If you’re outside, connect to nature. Imagine the energy from the earth flowing into your body and back down into the ground. Take this time to check in with yourself. How is your mental health? What have you been stressed about? What things do you still need to release? If you journal, take some time to write down how you felt.
  • Set up your space. If you use crystals, pick the ones that will be most helpful to your purpose. They all have specific properties and uses.
  • Sit down with a notepad and write out your intentions for the next thirty days. This list can look however you wish. When you’re writing out your desires, make a positive statement. Your list can say things like “I am…” or “I have…”. With Aries energy, think bold! Even if you think it’s a “big” goal, it’s attainable. You shouldn’t feel the need to micromanage or plan. No manifestation is too hard or too far away. Assume that you have your desire. Once your brain believes that it’s done, start tapping into the energy of that desire pulling towards you. You’re going to start noticing signs of that desire everywhere. Use those signs as motivation. You will have what you want.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to people, places, or things. You can manifest feelings and experiences as well. Sometimes those are the best because you aren’t worried about how it comes about.
  • I always like to include a list of everything that I have received over the past month. I express gratitude for these and the desires I wish to receive.
  • I fold up my list and seal it until the next new moon.
  • I close my ritual with a tarot spread.

Also, go easy on yourself. Manifesting is meant to be fun and easy. I struggled at the beginning of my journey because I was also healing. Seeing the opposite of my desire would trigger me. It’s in these moments that you need to pause. Take some time to reflect on the emotion you felt and release it. Don’t bury it. Journaling and talking with others can help. Talk yourself through it if you need to. You can pick up reaffirming when you’re in a better state. My struggles have been things that I didn’t see many talking about. This blog is always written from the perspective of someone actively learning as they go.

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