3.28.22 – The Empress Tarot Card

Darlings! How has your spring season started out? I’m feeling so many energetic shifts in my world. Many manifestation coaches will tell you that the changes must happen within before they reflect out. I proved this to myself over the last few weeks. I noticed that I was coming out of hermit mode. I also noticed that I was getting way more synchronicities towards my manifestations. The most helpful change that I made was shifting my perspective. I started saying specific affirmations directed at my self-concept. I’ve noticed that I am attracting more of what I want to see when I focus on myself and how I feel. While you don’t need to be constantly high vibration while you manifest, it does feel better. I feel happier when I’m not focused on what I don’t have. Gratitude for the abundance of things that you do have will assist in attracting more.

III – The Empress

The third tarot card in the major arcana is The Empress. This card comes after The High Priestess, an intuitive figure guarding the subconscious mind. In most cases, the Empress card’s artwork will feature a regal goddess. Surrounded by nature, the Empress sits comfortably on her throne. She is dressed in luxurious robes, adorned with a crown of stars on her head. Some cards will depict her being pregnant, as she is abundant and creative. She attracts everything that she desires with her abilities. She receives, while the masculine energy takes action. Regardless of gender, you have feminine and masculine energy that must be balanced.

When you pull this card in one of your readings, you must be doing something right. You have balanced your feminine energy to the point where you can call in your abundance. You may already be experiencing a multitude of good things. Settle into this feeling! You may be bursting with creative ideas that need to be expressed. You may need to pay attention to your self-care. Your confidence levels will soar once you tune into yourself. Attractiveness isn’t just about looks. You attract much more of what you want when you feel it. You may notice that you are drawing in more opportunities without even trying when you’re in Empress energy. If this is someone outside of yourself, they may be a mother or feminine energy in your life.

When this card appears reversed, it’s time to stop pushing so hard. You may be neglecting your own needs for others. Maybe you’re smothering someone else a little too much. You may need to pay attention to your emotional state. Dependency on things outside yourself can create blocks. You could be experiencing a creative block hindering your decisions. Spend some time grounding to get back to yourself. Nurture the parts of yourself that make you feel beautiful and creative. As oversaid as it is, your answers are within yourself. You just have to calm yourself long enough to hear them. For me, connecting with nature even just a little each day helped.

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