3.13.22 – Journal Prompts

Hello, darlings! We are almost halfway through March! The weather here in Kentucky has been fickle, but today was beautiful. I went outside for a little while to connect with nature and listen to music. It was exactly what I needed to reset and realign. Taking time away from outside energy sources to connect with my higher self has been my focus for the past few weeks. I’ve started writing new affirmations in my manifestation journal to help with my self-concept. I noticed my anxiety going up when the beginning of a manifestation started appearing, so I knew it was time to focus. Some will tell you that shadow work and affirmations aren’t necessary when you manifest. I knew it helped, but I didn’t realize just how much. I’ve noticed that I manifest faster when I use them and believe them.

Here’s the uncomfortable part: what’s holding me back? I avoided that question for a long time. It’s almost as if I didn’t want to admit it. I knew the answer already. While I’m not going to share the details of my healing, I will provide some of the prompts.

  • How do you react to undesirable situations or outcomes?
  • How honest am I with myself and others about my emotions?
  • What’s the best and worst way someone else could describe you?
  • Self-love and self-care: how can you implement this into your life?
  • When overthinking, how can you pull yourself out of that spiral?
  • What are some of the reasons to have faith in yourself?
  • How do you really feel about a calm period of your life?
  • What would younger-you be proud of older-you for doing?
  • Do you believe in giving others a second chance?
  • How do you react to friendships or relationships ending?

I realize that these are a little all over the place. These particular prompts came from my own journal over the last few months. I have made tremendous strides, but these types of things are self-paced. Never take on more than you’re ready for. Don’t burn yourself out. Take time to rest and recharge.

Side note: I skipped this month’s new moon entry. I plan on picking back up with the full moon on the 18th, so look out for that!

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