2.20.22 – Pisces Season

Darlings! We have made it through another full moon. I did my ritual of purging my emotional and physical closets. If you pay attention to numerology, we have 2/22/22 coming up. Many use the energy around these dates to manifest. When we had the 8/8 portal last August, I wasn’t very experienced with spirituality. Within the month, I was learning manifestation and divination. I started shadow work, thus beginning my healing journey. I’m incredibly grateful for all of the changes I’ve been able to make to my life.

Pisces Sun

From now until March 20th, the sun is in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a mutable water sign; represented by a pair of fish. Individuals with this zodiac sign are sensitive and emotionally driven. They’re able to tap into their intuition easily. They are highly mysterious, verging on mystical. They might not want to surrender personal information easily. While they can be secretive, the urge to deeply connect drives them. Romantics at heart. They’re generous with their time and resources. Pisces people love to express themselves, often using creativity throughout their day. Boredom comes easily to Pisces. They will daydream themselves into a more exciting reality. Some may become irritable when they’re in the same place for too long.

Notable Pisces people: Rihanna, Catherine O’Hara, Trevor Noah, Jodie Comer, Hozier, Olivia Rodrigo, Joe Alwyn, Oscar Isaac

Other Pisces Placements

Do you have any Pisces placements? If your moon sign is in Pisces, you’re comfortable with the depths of your emotions. You may seek out the shadowed parts of yourself. While you’re likely highly empathetic towards everyone else, you owe the same to yourself. Creative abilities may come naturally to you. Channeling feelings into your art is healing. You may escape into the fantasy world of books and movies. It’s important to learn healthy boundaries with your inner and outer world. If your rising sign is in Pisces, you may have the ability to heal others. For this reason, you may want to watch your energy levels around people. Don’t drain yourself trying to be the savior.

My youngest sister is a Pisces. She fits the sensitive and creative profile for sure. While she’s quick to stand up for herself, she’ll also stand up for you. You’ll know exactly where you stand with these water sign individuals.

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