2.15.22 – Leo Full Moon

Darlings! I hope that your week has treated you well so far. I keep saying this, but I feel a powerful change coming. Things have been shifting in my own life, seemingly hinting at some of my manifestations coming. The last thirty days have been very transformative in how I view emotions. I’ve noticed improvements in the way I address my own healing. I’m not as judgemental about how long it takes or if someone takes offense. I owe myself the room to grow.

Leo Full Moon

On February 16th, the full moon will be in the sign of Leo. Leo is a very bold fire sign. You may notice that you’re taking charge of tasks and handling business more eagerly. You may feel more confident and attracted to others of the same vibration. You could start to feel inspired to change your appearance. It’s a great time to act on creative projects and see them to completion. When I was reading about this full moon, all I could think was fortune favors the bold. It may be time to take a leap of faith or risk.

The full moon is a time to release. I usually observe this phase each month with a simple ritual. I will write down anything that no longer serves me. To manifest anything, you must match the vibrational level. For example, you want a new home. You start off by visualizing what you want out of your new home. Do you need more space? Are you moving to a new location? It’s a good idea to write out these requirements. Take a look at your current environment. What will make your current house better in the meantime? Donate unused items you no longer need. Clean it as if it is new. Rearrange the rooms to fit your needs. You’ll start to manifest a good feeling of being at home. You’ll appreciate what you have, signaling that you’re ready to feel more. Assume and affirm that it’s already yours. This process can be applied to anything.

Self-Imposing Blocks

Currently, my focus is on releasing blocks. While there are many instances where outside forces can hold you back, your mind is the worst. If you can talk yourself into the negative things you think, you can also believe in the positive. My worst habit is self-sabotage. I convince myself that most things aren’t worth trying for one reason or another. Frankly, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to correct. Self-limiting beliefs can have you stuck in co-dependent relationships. These relationships can be with people, habits, emotions, etc. You may feel stuck giving more than you receive. You take on burdens that aren’t yours to carry. It’s absolutely addicting to feel like you can’t change something. If you feel trapped, you feel comfortable. Comfortable isn’t always the goal. We’re meant to feel some pressure if we want to grow.

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