2.7.22 – The Magician Tarot Card

Darlings! I hope that everyone has enjoyed their first week of February. I’m not sure if it’s the retrogrades clearing or something on my personal journey, but things feel different. It’s like a fog being lifted. Journaling and meditation have become something I look forward to. I’ve started taking time out of my afternoon to have tea and interact with nature. Even if that means opening my bedroom window for a few minutes. This structure and routine were something that I’d never had before. I never spent time in gratitude for the simple things. As small as those things are to some people, I manifested them. Months ago, I wanted to change my whole life. I was given patience and balance. I understand that divine timing is the timing that aligns with my soul. I heal at the right time. I act at the right time.

I – The Magician

The first tarot card in the major arcana is The Magician. This card comes after The Fool, who is on a journey, blindly pushing ahead in faith. In most cases, the card’s artwork features an actual magician. They will be dressed in a robe surrounded by flowers. There are symbols of each element of the tarot present. The Magician uses these elements to take inspired action towards their goal. Balancing your emotions, thoughts, inspirations, and physical reality will lead you in the right direction. The Magician holds his wand towards the sky and points toward the ground with his index finger. This card reminds you that it is possible to expand the energy you want into your physical reality.

When you pull this card in one of your readings, start planning! If you have a specific goal, start collaborating with your highest self. Figure out how your end result would feel. Visualize yourself having this end result, feeling the exact emotion. The more often you feel this emotion, the more this emotion fills your current reality. There are many different methods to manifest. I use moon cycles to organize my goals; however, results may come in quickly. You should understand what you’re asking for, however. Patience and diligence will be required. It’s also a good idea to implement shadow work as well. Once your inner world aligns, the physical world will as well. The most helpful advice I can give is to KNOW that you’re successful in everything you do. Assume it to be.

When this card appears reversed, it’s not as empowering. Your higher self may be warning you that you should reconsider the end result. Understanding your reasoning for wanting something ahead of time will save you time and energy. This could also point to someone who doesn’t have your best interests. It could stand for manipulation or interference. Don’t rule out your own influence.

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