2.1.22 – Aquarius New Moon

Happy February! I hope everyone is starting off this month on a positive note. This day marks the Lunar New Year, celebrated by vast amounts of people around the world. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Tigers stand for strength and bravery. They could also stand for power and the will to overcome adversity. I had a tiger show up in a dream, so I hope that’s a sign of positive things. Venus is now direct, soon to be followed by Mercury. Even with the shadow period, we’ll have time before our next retrograde makes things interesting.

New Moon

This new moon is happening in the sign of Aquarius and is a great time to plan out long-term goals. Aquarius is an air sign, adept at intellectual expansion and collective focus. The Aquarius of the group looks at rules as a challenge if they don’t benefit everyone. Under the Aquarius influence, it’s time to get clear on what you want. Personal goals could center around independence and authenticity. What areas of your life feel out of your control? What steps would it take to regain your power? Plan out how you would get there. You may consider a change in your career. Many are noticing that their investments in time and money aren’t balanced.

When it comes to actually manifesting or goal-setting, I’m waiting until after Mercury goes direct later this week. As always, I’ll review my manifestation lists from previous months. Anything that I haven’t made progress on will get reevaluated. Don’t be afraid to change your mind! If something no longer matches the life you’re trying to create, just say no. My next step is a salt bath or shower. I will meditate and make sure that my space is clear of clutter. Once I’m ready to write out my manifestations, I start with gratitude. I will describe how grateful I am for the emotions and experiences I’ve had over the last thirty days. I will celebrate the areas of life where I have seen progress. I move on to writing out present-tense statements about the next thirty days. As this is the lunar new year, consider six months as well. I will fold this list up and keep it sealed until the next new moon.

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