1.24.22 – The Fool Tarot Card

Darlings! How does it feel to know that we are almost finished with January? December feels as if it was an eternity ago. In the last three weeks, everything and nothing has happened. Any attempts to move forward almost always result in delay and resistance. I’m going to blame it on Mercury Retrograde, which ends next week.

A common theme that I’m noticing is new beginnings. I have a few goals that I’m manifesting that would mean a new path in my own life. This downtime seems to be for me to tie up loose ends. I’ve also been cleaning up online and around my house. I’ve been deleting old accounts and shutting down projects that I let lie dormant. I don’t like for there to be too many loose ends.

0 – The Fool

It may be the first card in the major arcana, but it is represented by the number zero. New beginnings are marked by the Fool card in tarot. In most cases, the artwork will depict a young person traveling. He is off on a journey with no more than faith and an idea. He seems excited to start his path, heading towards a cliff. He has potential, inspiration, and optimism. Most people would compare it to the same innocence that a child carries. This fool has not been through the experience before him, so he doesn’t know what to expect. He trusts that the path before him will appear with help along the way.

When you pull this card in one of your readings, you’re ready to pursue your path. Whatever that means to you. Trust yourself to navigate the unknown. Use the approach that feels the best to you. Have some fun along the way! Your inner child will feel nurtured as you connect to your joy. Use your creativity to carve your path.

When this card appears reversed, it can have a few different meanings. You could be afraid to make the leap of faith required by your goal. You may feel anxious about taking too many risks. On the other hand, you may be acting too reckless. It’s helpful to have some information, even if you can’t see the whole picture.

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