1.17.21 – Cancer Full Moon

The beginning of this year has been strange. We are less than three weeks in, and I’m already serving major side-eye. From a positive perspective, it feels as though some of my bad habits are clearing out. While I haven’t posted anything here, I journal and meditate daily. Shadow work and manifestation require application at some point, however. I’ve noticed stagnant energy surrounding my next steps. I wasn’t sure how to move forward, but I can always count on a sign of encouragement to come right when I need it. This sign was a hawk landing outside my window. Hawks aren’t a stranger to my area, but they are significant to my journey. Since last spring, I’ve always seen hawks as a sign to see things from a broader perspective. The solution always comes from intuition, which takes time to hear. While outside knowledge will be required, no one else can make your decisions. You are the only one who knows what to pursue and release.

Cancer Full Moon

We have a full moon happening on Monday, January 17th. The moon will be in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign that doesn’t shy away from their emotions. I have a Cancer ascendant, so the last thing that I’m going to do is spread negativity about a Cancer. You may notice that you’re involuntarily exploring how you feel about things. My best advice is to let it happen. Emotions are meant to be felt and released. From experience, releasing those emotions at the moment hurts less than saving them.

Releasing Ritual

In the past, I have described what I like to do on the night of each full moon. For this night, my plans are not changing. I’ll start with cleaning my house and donating any items I no longer use. Once my space is clean, I will meditate. Connecting with nature is ideal, but you may want to check weather conditions first.

The next part of the ritual would be your shadow work. If journaling or meditation is something that you do regularly, you may already know what to release. If you’re new to this, take some time to consider the areas of life that hold you back. With the moon being in Cancer, consider blocks:

  • Healing Blocks
  • Spiritual Blocks
  • Emotional Blocks
  • Creative Blocks
  • Self-limiting Beliefs
  • Attachments and Relationships
  • Expectations and Control

Once you know what you’d like to work on, make a list. Write out a statement that brings this into the present. (I release… or I am no longer tied to…) You will find yourself gradually working on these things. The main takeaway from this is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You will be on the right path. Your intuition will bring you back if you stray.

After your list is complete, burn or destroy it. From here, I journal a list of gratitude. I like to reset my energy once I’m finished. I’ll take a bath or do something fun to balance out. Focusing on anything for too long causes resistance to flow. Feel free to make this your own. Your process should be as unique as you and your journey.

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