1.3.22 – The Lovers Tarot Card

It’s time to rip off the metaphorical bandaid. I’m here to talk about The Lovers tarot card. I don’t often get this card. When it comes to emotions or love, I usually pull one of the cup cards. Today, I have seen the Lovers card more times than I can remember. It came up in my own reading and then again when I was reading for someone else. I’ll be honest… I was prepared to ignore it. My original plan was to write about my experience with The Empress card. The Empress card stands for things like creativity, self-care, and abundance. Traditionally, it can also represent fertility and motherhood. When I read the Emperor and the Empress, I like to think of them as energy. I feel that it’s healthy to have a balanced amount of both masculine and feminine energy.

Fast forward a few hours… I ran into writer’s block. I’ve mentioned before that I’ll use tarot to guide my writing, but I’ve never had cards come out quite like this. I used a regular tarot deck and then pulled a few oracle cards. When I lined up the cards, I realized that both the tarot and the oracle cards matched in theme. The Lovers card matched up to the love card. The Devil card (in the reversed position) matched up to the soul card. The Magician card matched up to the subconscious card. The nine of wands card matched the wall card.

VI – The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot card is the sixth card in the major arcana. The Lovers card usually points to a connection in the person’s life. This connection could be a serious relationship or a potential interest. Regardless of the status of the relationship, a choice is going to have to be made. When you care about someone, it’s a choice to be open. They can’t force their way into your heart. If one of you has put up walls, it’s even more difficult. If this connection is mutual and healthy, work together to have those walls come down. Learn to trust each other together. This could change your life, so it’s a serious decision.

An authentic connection with someone requires vulnerability. Listen to your intuition regarding the intentions of others, but don’t assume that they’re negative. Some people will just want the best for you. It is rare to find, so don’t let your fears dictate an authentic connection.

When this card is reversed, there may be a disconnect between you and someone else. The reversed card can also point to a need for self-love. You may be experiencing a situation where an unfavorable outcome came from a poor choice. Go within to reflect on what you truly want.

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