12.30.21 – Capricorn New Moon

Darlings! Do you have Capricorn in your natal chart? In a previous post, I explained my experience with having a few Capricorn placements. I have close relationships with a handful of Capricorn Suns, as well. While Capricorn placements get the stereotype of being too serious, a conservative attitude fuels their drive. This is the same energy influencing our new moon in a few days. The upcoming Capricorn New Moon takes place on Sunday, January 2nd. Some are waiting to do their rituals until after January 4th because of other astrological aspects.

Capricorn New Moon

A Capricorn New Moon on the first weekend of 2022 is the perfect chance to set some goals. Before you roll your eyes into the back of your skull, I’m not just talking about New Year’s resolutions. The new moon phase is my favorite time of the month. I use the new moon to set new intentions and reset my mindset. I have a few lofty goals written in my manifesting journal, so Capricorn offers grounded energy to inspire practical solutions.

I prefer to make an evening out of the new moon. Back in November, I explained my new moon ritual. This ritual rarely changes and can be tweaked to fit your needs. It’s a good idea to plan out what you’re going to do ahead of time. I take out my goals from the previous month and review them. Where do I need to refocus? Where was I successful? Take a moment to be proud of the success you made for yourself.

I like to start out with a salt bath or a shower. This gives your body a chance to reset and relax. Once I’m finished, I make sure that my space is clean. If you don’t have a set room for your spiritual practices, picking a quiet room is best. If you are able, outside is even better.

Once you have your space set up, get grounded. Sit or lie down. Meditating with no interruptions for even five minutes is better than nothing. I’ll be honest, I’m not the best when it comes to meditations. My brain is scattered in a few different places most of the time. Consider what you’ve been going through in various areas of your life. Focus on breathing and being present. If you’re outside, connect with the nature around you. What do you see? What can you feel?

Once you’re ready, sit down with a sheet of paper. Plan out what you would like to achieve in the next thirty days. Write down your reasons for gratitude. Show faith that you’re confident your current success will expand.

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