12.27.21 – Into the Shadows

Happy Monday, darlings! We are closing out 2021 this week. From this side of the screen, I’m embracing it. There are no New Years’ resolutions; except to continue to progress. I have a list of manifestations and goals that I’m looking to bring into 2022. For the first time, I made a vision board. I’m still using the moon phases to work on personal intentions. Commitment to myself is the main priority, regardless of the time.

The Dark Side

In many healing and spiritual practices, shadow work is widely-used to explore the darker side of yourself. This side of yourself can be buried very deep. Under normal circumstances, you’ve submerged these undesirable qualities to not feel them. I was introduced to shadow work immediately after starting tarot. Tarot, for me, quickly became a tool to get to the bottom of my sadness. It offered me a hands-on method to connect to my higher self, developing my natural intuition and inner voice. Previously, I couldn’t discern between anxiety, ego, or truth. I have a tendency to rely on how things make me feel; I’ve been fighting that my entire life. I had it in my head that I was only to rely on logic, which made me bitter. I reached a point where I was tired of listening to myself, so I knew I needed to heal. I started looking at past actions and behavior. I committed to forgiving instead of blaming outside sources.


I have never been the type to keep a diary. I used to try, but I’d always give up after a few days. When I started journaling for self-growth, my consistency grew. Currently, it’s something that I do daily. To keep a healthy pace, I make sure to have a variety of topics.

  • Inner-child/childhood wounds
  • Ego check
  • Self-love
  • Forgiveness
  • Unhealthy attachments
  • Emotional release
  • Trust/faith
  • People-pleasing tendencies
  • Gratitude

Right off the bat, I befriended routine and organization. I keep this journal separate from everything else in my practice. I keep individual journals for shadow work, tarot, meditations, manifestations, etc. When I have to refer to notes that I know I’ve made, it’s easier to find what I need. Also, I make notes of everything now. When I hear repeating phrases, songs, ideas, etc. I write them down. It always comes back.

This part of my journey had me feeling a little scattered. No one else around me was going through this, so it was incredibly isolating. I felt that when I would share something, I’d be looked at like I was insane. At this point, I’ve just accepted it all. It’s the only way to feel you’re being authentic.

If you’re going to start shadow work, consider reading into it. I would buy a journal or use your phone. Being able to reflect and apply what you’re writing is essential. Unless you already know what you’re writing about, countless journal prompts can be found online. I started out by looking them up on Pinterest. Before I choose a prompt, I will consider my emotional state. Is my anxiety high? Do I feel like I’m holding a grudge? Am I feeling good? This will help me choose a prompt that resonates. As this is self-regulating, there is no requirement on how much you write. I usually like to fill the page. I can tell when I’m finished because I will feel a small wave of calm.

As I am not a professional, please seek medical advice for mental health concerns. This isn’t an easy journey. You’re the only one that knows the answers. You know what you want and what you’ve been through. If you’re feeling alone, just know that you will find others who understand.

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