12.17.21 – Gemini Full Moon

Can you feel it? Change is just around the corner. When your intuition is tuned in, you may be able to sense something coming. Without knowing the source, it’s hard to see at first. You can feel the changes on a physical level. Not only did we have the 12/12 portal recently, but I’ve also been going through a series of tests. These tests are closely related to cycles that I’ve needed to close, so it’s been easy to focus on the temporary nature of everything. While going through these lessons, rest is essential. It’s also important to reserve time for something fun. Doing things that you enjoy, for no other reason than to enjoy them, will raise your vibration.

Full Moon

You may notice that your energy comes back around the time of the full moon on December 18th. This month, the full moon starts at 10:39 CST. The moon will be in Gemini, a communicative, fun-loving air sign. Geminis love to investigate the truth behind an issue, engage their creative skill, and jump from one activity to another. The Gemini energy should be light. Use this opportunity to release the old and invite the new just before the new year. There is a feeling of good luck surrounding this full moon. You may feel like you’re getting clarity on your finances and business. You may also be thinking about adventures in travel, deepening spiritual practice, or furthering your education. With Venus going retrograde shortly after this full moon, we return to the idea of fated events. We will feel like we are being magnetically pulled to people, ideas, and places. If you’ve been considering your life path, you could be walking face-first into it soon. Everything we released during the lunar and solar eclipse should be making room. If you feel that things have gotten harder, it’s definitely not the time to give up. You could soon meet the people that take you to the next level.


A few days before the full moon, I like to plan out my evening. It’s a good idea to cleanse your energy, prepare your space, and ground yourself. Once you feel balanced, write out a list of things you want to release. Write these in present tense sentences such as “I release…” or “I no longer need…”. I’ve seen other people have luck with the following: “Please remove anyone or anything that is not aligned with my highest good.” Make sure you’re ready for that one. You might be left with only yourself, but that might be all you need. If you’re manifesting life-changing events, some things will need to be left behind.

In addition to my regular plans, I’m making a vision board for the first time. This vision board will contain how I want my 2022 to look. I encourage you to look into different methods of manifestation. You may learn something new in the process.

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