12.10.21 – Venus Retrograde

Darlings! What exactly is going on? I’ve been in a bit of hermit mode lately. My focus has been on resting, reflection, and planning. I started reading up on Human Design a few nights ago. It reshaped the way I see completing my goals. I wasn’t aware that some design types have manifesting methods that work better. I’ve always been taught that hard work and non-stop action get results. My design type is a Projector, which can’t function on being overworked. I’m being brought back to square one, but I’ll happily make those changes now. In the next few weeks, my goal is to write a post about using Human Design on my journey.

Onto the task at hand… go listen to “Tis the Damn Season” by Taylor Swift. This was the first thing that came to mind when I started writing this. The story in the song takes place around the holidays and explores the idea of entertaining a past love. Good or bad, we’ve all done it. Our current astrological event could have us doing it more.

What Do You Value?

Have you heard about the Venus Retrograde in Capricorn happening this month? We’ve been in the shadow period since November 17th, so you may already notice some odd things happening around money and love. Venus rules both of those aspects, so when it goes retrograde, it can get weird. Venus will be in retrograde until January 29th. The shadow period extends until March, so it seems Valentine’s Day might not be safe either. Keep in mind that I only deliver this news. I would never discourage anyone from going after what they want. I’m just saying that thinking before acting can be helpful.

This period will have you considering what you value. Relationships of all kinds are being called into question. The long-term relationship that you’ve been in may go through changes. Friendships could hit a snag or start to deepen. You may see that you work better with some co-workers better than others. When making these considerations, people around you may notice walls in communication. Being withdrawn and isolated isn’t productive, but if you aren’t in a place to communicate what you want, don’t engage.

You may notice that you are getting focused on money and how you spend it. Naturally, you may want to hold off on making any impulse buys. Budgeting and resume polishing could be beneficial at this time as well. Spending this time in the planning stage of any decision will help you make a better choice in the long term.

Fated Events

There’s a strong influence behind this retrograde of love. Venus is the ruler of love, but Capricorn also has us in a serious mood. When you’re considering your situation with other people, you may have a strong urge to revisit past relationships. You may not actually talk to any of these people, but you could consider it a way of fine-tuning what you want. You may have someone hitting you up, but it’s totally up to you if you invite that in.

If someone crosses your path, new or old, consider their importance. If you believe in fate, you’re likely meant to know this person in some capacity. Even if you don’t, your decisions have brought you to that moment. Fated relationships can feel whimsical and intoxicating. For that reason, don’t be in a rush to commit. Get to know one another deeply. Set your boundaries early, in the beginning, to avoid any issues later. Take the time to learn their boundaries and how they view relationships.

If nothing else, this is a great time for self-reflection and self-love. Pick up a new hobby or practice. Journaling and meditation are helpful when making decisions and sorting out your feelings. Get up and move around. A change in scenery or energy will get you unstuck and feel better when overthinking.

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