12.3.21 – Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

Darlings, it’s 3 A.M. on 12/3/21, and I’m doing this instead of sleeping. I’m no stranger to staying up this late. My intuition picks up in pace when everything goes quiet around me. Tonight, I felt the urge to grab one of the tarot decks I keep on my desk. Sometimes I will cut the deck and take the first card I see as something to focus on or explore. I pulled the Hierophant card, which can be interpreted in many ways. When I see this card, I start thinking about themes: such as traditions, spiritual guidance, and commitments. You might be answering a call to walk a spiritual path and should seek out the advice of a mentor that you trust. You could be well on your way to being comfortable enough to share your journey with others. This card can point to forgiveness and commitment in your relationships. When this card is reversed, you may be considering the opposite. You may feel the urge to rebel against traditions. Freedom and unconventional ideas could be your focus.

My own life…

Many tarot decks depict a religious leader in the artwork for this card. Depending on your journey, religious groups may not be in your path. This will be unique for each person. In my own life, I grew up in church. As I matured into an adult, it became crystal clear that my own moral compass did not align with the views of people around me. I couldn’t understand the hate, violence, and lack of compassion for others. I would absorb the negativity and send it right back out. It wasn’t until I started pouring love back into myself that I noticed positive things. My health has improved, my anxiety is down, and my confidence is higher. There’s a new urgency to learn more and move towards a new place, physically and emotionally.

Solar Eclipse

I’ve talked about the December 4th solar eclipse a little bit already. It’s happening over Antarctica, so the likelihood of seeing it is tiny. The effects of the eclipse can be felt regardless. This is a very fast eclipse and is only supposed to last for two minutes. From what I understand, that can make it even more intense. This will be the end of an eighteen-month cycle that started in June of last year. This energy should not be ignored if you are looking to make drastic changes in your life. Those manifestations and goals will speed up if you’re taking inspired action. In addition to meeting goals, you may also see your deepest emotions coming to the surface. Are you living your most authentic life? What truths have been hidden?

This reminded me of the Hierophant card in many ways. Your beliefs and your level of faith in what’s possible might be challenged. Since this eclipse happens in the sign of Sagittarius, you may also feel the need to be bold in your truth or seek out answers from other people. You could be reevaluating a long-standing commitment or eyeing a brand-new connection. As I’ve said before, change comes about as you perceive it. You could see it as the tornado that blows you away from Kansas. It may also come in the form of a pair of ruby slippers that calls you home. Wizard of Oz references have been following me for weeks; I assume someone else might need that.

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