11.24.21 – Sagittarius Season

So I have a story… said every Sagittarius ever. While I was thinking about how to start this post, I had an urge to give you a nickname. I wanted something that sounded celestial or mystical. My first idea was “starling.” Not only is that a bird, but my google search informed me that it’s invasive and widely hated. I’m not about to make my readers feel like the most-hated bird species in North America. You’ll have to wait for a nickname until I choose something better. I want you all to feel like you’re loved and appreciated. If no one has told you, you’re amazing and doing a great job.

Upcoming Changes

I have been waiting for this day ever since Scorpio season started kicking my ass. Everyone kept talking about how the Scorpio season is incredible for releasing all the things that no longer serve you, transforming your life, and coming into your emotional power. Honestly, the past few weeks have been truly transformational in how I’ve been responding to my emotions. We just had a lunar eclipse that will be welcoming changes. Now is the time to rest for the next week because we have another coming up.

On December 4th, we have a total solar eclipse lined up on the same day as our new moon in Sagittarius. Anything you have decided to let go and change during the lunar eclipse will clear out. You’ll start to make room in your life for new ventures and people that have been begging to come in. If you’ve been manifesting an idea, you should be able to bring it in quickly.

Sagittarius Sun

If your sun sign is Sagittarius, you’re in good company. I am a Sagittarius. In the years that I’ve been aware of astrology, I’ve not always identified with the main traits of a Sagittarius. It wasn’t until I was going through adulthood that I realized how much I relate. Because your chart consists of many different placements and aspects, no one is the same.

From a Sagittarius, I am honest. I’ll usually gauge ahead of time if I can be blunt with someone before I just blurt out what’s on my mind. My face has no filter. If you’re not being honest, I can usually tell. I may not say anything, but you’ll be able to see that I’m no longer engaging. I tend to be impulsive and impatient. I like to make quick decisions and act on them even faster. While I try not to be careless or irresponsible, I enjoy a good time. Depending on the situation, I can be adventurous.

When it comes to other people, I value loyalty and kindness. If you’re treating me well, I’m returning that same energy. I am sensitive and enjoy deep conversations. I love to be sarcastic and overdramatic. I look for problems to solve and new ideas to explore. I’m a little picky about who is in my life and tend to shut the door on people once the friendship is over. I love to help other people and give advice, but I hate asking other people for help.

Notable Sagittarius people: Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg, Jay-Z, Sarah Paulson, Samuel L. Jackson

Other Sagittarius Placements

I only have Sagittarius as my sun, but I’ve noticed that people I know usually have Sagittarius scattered around their charts. I assume it’s the law of attraction. My favorite thing about other people with Sagittarius placements is the duality. They may be a Scorpio or a Capricorn with a tough exterior, but then you see that they’re goofy. They usually have a sense of humor hidden under that furrowed brow. Depending on the placement that the Sagittarius sign falls into, it may also contribute to them being creative or outgoing.

If you have a Sagittarius moon, you may process your emotions by seeking new things. Instead of wallowing, you may pick up a new hobby or obsession. You value your freedom and hate being tied down to the same place for too long.

If you have a Sagittarius rising, other people may perceive you as optimistic. You tend to lean towards positivity. You want everyone to have a good time around you. You tend to focus on your goals and what it will take to get you there.

If you aren’t sure how your natal chart comes together, there are several resources you can use to get a full report for free. TimePassages is a great app that gives you an incredibly detailed chart. If you want something a little more basic, JustAstrologyThings.com is a good resource. They give you a detailed list and explanations. You only need your birthday, birth city, and birth time if you know it.

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