11.17.21 – Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

On November 19th, there’s a Taurus full moon. We’re having one of the longest lunar eclipses we’ve had in years. It’s nothing to fear if you can face the truth. Some of us might experience deeply hidden emotions that we’ve bypassed or pushed under the surface. Any shadow work or self-development will be illuminated at this time. Your reactions to these emotions will tell you the hard truth. I’m not suggesting that you quit your job or dump your negative partner… but the eclipse might.

Full Moon

Last month, I explained my full moon ritual to you. My process has not changed for this Friday. I plan to get grounded in my surroundings. I’ll do some gratitude and shadow work in my journal. I will mainly focus on tying up loose ends this month and resting. Since the full moon is in Taurus, resting is a great option anyway. Taurus is an Earth sign that likes what they like. They tend to savor their life. If something feels good or tastes good, they want it. They are very comfortable making and enjoying their money. Take a nap, get a massage, eat good food, get creative…


In the past few years, the one eclipse I remember was on August 21, 2017. I watched it from my home and thought it seemed interesting. I wasn’t into astrology or focused on spiritual development. The main thing that I remember was that I felt very disconnected from myself for several months after the solar eclipse. I felt strangely powerful and confident, though.

I don’t have a personal experience with a lunar eclipse that I can cite. Three months ago, I wouldn’t have noticed. The lunar eclipse coming up will help us see the truth about our relationships. We’ll start to see things that we’ve allowed to go unnoticed or chosen to ignore. It’s a good idea to evaluate the feelings that come up. If you feel led to end anything, consider your options and proceed. Endings suck, but new beginnings are beautiful.

The intensity of the effect on you will depend on your birth chart. For example, someone with Scorpio or Taurus placements will see more energy in those areas of their life. I have a Scorpio Venus and Taurus Jupiter, so I’m choosing to remain positive. Here’s hoping that we all have a transformative experience that ushers in desired change and beautiful beginnings.

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