11.4.21 – Scorpio New Moon

When we talk about moon phases, I feel that the full moon probably gets the most attention. It’s easy to appreciate as it’s the one time during the month that the entire face of the moon is illuminated by the Sun. It’s big and bright! The October full moon was in the sign of Aries, a passionate and energetic zodiac placement. As stated in the previous post about the October full moon, this particular time of the month was a great time to focus on things that you want to cut out of your life or correct on your current journey. I like to clean out old possessions and do some deep shadow journaling. I’ve noticed that I’ve been more present in my life in the past few weeks. It’s been a lot easier to focus on what I really want out of my life.

When it comes to the new moon phase, I personally prefer it. All the things you’ve cleaned out during the full moon make room for the new coming into your life. It’s the best time of the month to set new intentions and hone in on the goals you want to set for yourself.

The new moon for November 2021 is in the sign of Scorpio. To me, Scorpio tends to be misunderstood. I have two Scorpio placements in my natal birth chart, so it’s an energy that I’m drawn to in other people. Scorpio is a water sign, so their emotional depth can get intense. It doesn’t mean that they can’t control it. In my experience, Scorpios can be loyalists who just want the best for the people that they care about. As with other placements, they might not be the fastest to forgive if you betray that loyalty. With the moon being in this sign, it’s a great time to set goals around your passion and the areas of your life that you want to transform. This can be a potent catalyst for life-changing opportunities when used with intention.

As I did for the full moon, I’d like to give you examples of things I do for a new moon ritual. I’m still learning about different practices and healing methods, so my routines may change from month to month. There’s not a rush on this! You can set your intentions within a day or two of the new moon.

Self-Care, Self-Love

The first thing on my list is taking a bath or shower. It can reset your physical, mental, and emotional state quickly. In addition to relaxing warm water, adding a bath salt mixture can take this to the next level. In the spiritual realm, salt can be used for cleansing and resetting energies around some crystals and spell work. Feel free to make your bath experience as extra as you wish. Candles, music, wine… whatever makes you feel human again. A prime example of this happened to me yesterday. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and once I returned home from work, I was feeling “the ick.” I turned on some music and relaxed in a salt bath. The negative mindset evaporated, and I was ready to take on the rest of my day.

Clear the Air

Many people have a specific room or area of their house where they do their spiritual practices. It’s good to keep this area clean regularly just so the energy stays clear. Reorganize everything, sanitize, and light your candles/insense. At this point, prepare your crystals in your space if you work with them. I tend to lean towards crystal jewelry, so I would cleanse and put on the stones best fit.

Ground Yourself

I talked about grounding a little in the full moon ritual post. I explained that one of my favorite ways to ground my energy was to go outside and connect to the earth while barefoot. This isn’t always an option, so you might need to figure out ways to connect from inside your house. You can ground your energy by practicing breathing exercises. You can do this from inside your home, sitting or lying. If sitting with your eyes closed for ten minutes isn’t your thing, open your curtains and focus on everything outside. Take time to acknowledge where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally. What do you sense around you? What thoughts can you not clear out of your head? Are those thoughts something you need to process emotionally? There’s no minimum amount of time that you should meditate, and there’s no reason to rush. A few minutes of quiet can do wonders sometimes. Take a moment to consider things you decided to clear out during the full moon. Are they still around? What’s the final push to remove those from your life? Finally, pay attention to your breathing. Make sure you are breathing in all the way and releasing to fully reset and ground your energy.


I sit down with a notepad and write out a list of things I intend on manifesting for the next thirty days. What this list looks like or how you make it is up to you. I spent a lot of time finding the perfect way to manifest, and I believe it depends on the person. If you are brand new to manifestations and working with the laws of the universe, google it now. There are so many resources, and some might work for you. My favorite way is a mixture of the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction. I tend to work better with an actual list when I manifest my goals, but I’m also a Capricorn Mercury, so lists are my life. There are many other ways to create your intentions and reality. I like to narrow my list to about five items. I write down my goal as a positive statement of already having what I want. Your list can say things like “I am…” or “I have…”. Don’t hold yourself back. Some desires manifest quickly. As stated before, please research the Laws of the Universe so you aren’t wasting your time with methods that won’t work for you. Affirm your statements as truth, assume it’s yours, and have a little faith! Your actions and your reality should naturally align with the desire.

I understand that manifestations aren’t something everyone’s mind can wrap around. If you have something that you really want and the only way you know to go after it is to run headfirst at it with all you have, I’ll be the first one to hand you a helmet.


Lastly, I like to make a gratitude list. I will name things I’m lucky to have already and sit with those emotions. This raises your vibration, which will seal in the feeling of attaining your desires. Fold up your lists and keep them in a safe place for the entire month. I like to pull these out on the morning of the next new moon to reflect on what I still need to work on. At this point, I’ll probably pull out one of my tarot decks to do a read of everything going on. In addition to that, if there are any questions about what to focus on or what the goal should be, a tarot read might be helpful right off the bat. Tarot isn’t always about predicting some future outcome. For me, tarot gives me a tool to process my emotions. Why do I feel nervous about this? How can I overcome the challenge in front of me? Intention and intuition are critical.

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