10.20.21 – Aries Full Moon

Have you ever heard the phrase “I’m a look-at-the-moon kind of person!” and wondered what it meant? It can mean a few different things. The person could be saying that in the struggles of every day, they take the time to enjoy the beautiful things around them. I mean this in a literal way. On any night, I stare out the window observing the moon. I have an app that tells me every detail about the current lunar phase. I’ve learned that many people use the moon phases. During the new moon, they set intentions for the next month. The full moon is time to shed the layers of things that aren’t aligned with your path. You can make it as spiritual as you want as far as the methods you use during that time, but I feel it’s an excellent motivational tool regardless.

I’ve picked up some things that work for me. None of my practices are set in stone as I’m constantly pruning and developing, but I thought it might be helpful to share these with others. Since I’m starting with the full moon, using this as an opportunity to clear out negative energy and excess things to prepare for the new moon next month. Create room for the new. Donating items and healing old wounds will keep you present in your life.

Go Touch Some Grass

I like to take it at face value when I think of grounding. I go outside to connect to nature for a while. I have an apple tree outside that attracts a lot of butterflies and bees. It’s nice to stand in the shade of the tree barefoot and imagine a flow of energy as a stream, flowing from you to the Earth and back again. I tend to overthink and hyper-fixate on emotions and ideas, so this simple act of connecting myself to something really does wonders.

Exploring the Shadows

Recently, I have gotten into reflective journaling. Writing out my inner emotions about various issues helps keep my thoughts clear and gets to the root of things that bother me. I try to alternate my topics day by day. One day, I might reflect on inner child wounds and healing from the deep hurt I’ve kept down. The next day, I’ll write out things I’m grateful for and expand on why. In doing so, I’ve noticed that my interactions with others have already started changing. I recognize that everyone has their own shadow and ego. I’ve also seen that I’ve spent an uncomfortable amount of time using ego and my shadows to prevent myself from getting in too deep with other people. Everyone wants to say that they make loving choices and have empathy, but how easy is it to extend compassion to yourself for how you’ve treated others at your worst? Not to attack anyone (myself.) It can be difficult to admit, let alone correct. My best advice is to start with the things you’re comfortable with exploring. Nothing requires you to dive in too early. Just know that once you genuinely look at how your actions and your inner world affect the world around you, you can’t go back from that point. Keep moving forward. Also, stay hydrated.


Once you’ve determined your path, anything else can be released. Even if you can’t act right away, set smaller ones that you can work on and kill them! If your goal is to have a multi-million dollar business, your first thirty days don’t have to include making $500,000 if you’re starting with $0. Spend time developing that business idea, figure out resources, cultivate a vision board, and set your intention to cut out the things that don’t match your vision. Your actions affect everything you do, as well as the mindset that you have. If you’re constantly focused on not having anything, you’ll have a more challenging time making your present-day life show you different results. Consider the position that you’re in as a place of growth. You can improve and get better, but you don’t have to focus on the negatives.
I list the things I intend to release over the next thirty days. This can include feelings and emotional wounds, as well. I like to list them as “I release…” or “I am no longer tied to…”. It keeps your mindset in the present, and you’re focused on already removing that negative from your life. I will then take the list and burn it.

You Need to Calm Down

Whether you believe in astrology or not, the full moon archetype of bringing out the crazy tends to be reality. My energy seems to skyrocket every full moon, as do my emotions. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve had moments where I’ve been focused and working on something, and then one Folklore song later, and I’m questioning every decision I’ve made in the last ten years. It’s really in those moments where being able to identify your true feelings is helpful. When I’m feeling scattered, it also helps to completely switch gears. If I’m in my feelings a little too deep, I’ll soak in a bath and reset. Turn on some uplifting music, watch a brand new movie… as long as my mind is refocusing, it usually clears the temporarily negative thoughts, and I’m ready to go again. Taking care of your physical and mental state is imperative in this process, and I have days when I don’t want to do either. I have days where I want to eat junk food and bitch about every little thing. I’ll let myself do that and then attempt to balance myself out.

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